Connecting Cables to Transformer

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Connecting the Cables to the Transformer:

Whenever working with transformers, keep in mind the output exceeds 12 volts and you want to be cautious during installation. Exceeding 12 volts at the fixture will cause the lamp to burn at a higher rate. This will cause the light bulbs to prematurely burn out. You will need to us an Amp / Probe Volt Meter to ensure accurate voltage readings at the fixture (you may be able to rent the tool versus purchasing).

  • Remove the stainless steel transformer door (room to work)
  • Be sure to run the wire through the holes (knockouts) on the bottom panel
  • One side of the wire (smooth or ridged) connects to the common (COM). Don’t forget, you can have up to 300 watts on the common.
  • The other side connects to the voltage tap
  • Make sure all screws are secure
  • Turn off circuit breakers before you plug in the unit; after you plug it in, turn on one circuit breaker at a time to be sure there are no shorts

These guidelines are used for illustration purposes and manufacturer Installation & Instruction Manuals should be used for actual installation.


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